Calgary Narrative Therapy

Narrative ideas recognize that we make meaning of our lives and identities through narratives, or stories, that unfold over time. Painful experiences can seek to take centre stage and influence how we see ourselves. As a result, many stories of our strength, abilities, most cherished values and wisdom get relegated to the "back seat."  With seeking out and remembering these subjugated stories comes the opportunity to broaden our identities, revise the relationships we have with problems, and reclaim what is most important to us.

Narrative practices acknowledge that problems do not occur in a vacuum; they are often a reflection of the social, political, familial and cultural contexts in which we live. And most importantly, Narrative ideas hold that the problems that affect us are not who we are. ​Problems are separate from people.

It is my aim to explore with clients the wisdom they already have, ideas they have not yet considered, and richer understandings of the meaning they make of certain experiences. At Calgary Narrative Therapy, I work from the perspective that:

  • Clients are the experts in their own lives
  • Problems are separate from people
  • Issues of power and privilege with regard to gender, race, class, ability, & sexual orientation often influence problems
  • People come with many skills, beliefs, and commitments that will help them reduce the influence of problems.

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